Weight is a value for me—not that it is any more compelling than lightness, but I simply know more about weight than about lightness and therefore I have more to say about it, more to say about the balancing of weight, the diminishing of weight, the addition and subtraction of weight, the concentration of weight, the rigging of weight, the propping of weight, the placement of weight, the locking of weight, the psychological effects of weight, the disorientation of weight, the disequilibrium of weight, the rotation of weight, the movement of weight, the directionality of weight, the shape of weight. — Richard Serra

Leqi Liang

Shanghai based designer, with a passion for branding. I’m always up for making WORK, or FRIENDS, or WORK-FRIENDS.


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The restaurant emphasizes on the painting series “New Legends of Mountains and Seas” from the artist Qiu An Xiong in their interior design. To make the visual cohesive, I presented the flat “sea” to the 3D “mountain” as the evolution process of terraced fields. The geometrical elements are used to present the Neo-Chinese style of the restaurant. (258 W 109th St, New York)